Cremating in our company is performing with the most modern systems driven by high-end computer technology. This ecological clean technology is not allowing human access to the task of the cremating, so we can stipulate 100% identity of the deceased’s human ash.


Cremating without ordering other superior services will be done till 96 hours from acceptance of the deceased human.


Prior cremating of the deceased human is done principle on the same day when funeral service transport deceased human to crematorium. It is possible to pick-up casket next day after 10 a.m.


Funeral ceremonies are proceeding in our stately, new furnished ceremony hall, which is rightly decorated and well sounded. There is a lounge for mourners, where they can wait for casket handover. At the above-standard ceremonies it is possible to pick-up casket 2 hours after the end of the ceremony. Every time, you can control quality and honesty of our service.


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If you cannot disjoin with close person by ceremony from any reason, we can prepare piety act for you.
Private disjoin allow you to say goodbye with deceased person in privacy. We guarantee you, we can begin to cremate in exact minute you wish. Even in evenings or Saturdays and Sundays.

Exclusive disjoin is convenient for close constituency of mourners. This service allows you to control quality and honesty of our work – you can supervise each step of cremation. It is possible to pick-up casket 2 hours after end of the ceremony.




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