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Township Hrušovany had found Stock Corporation to govern self property the best way. This corporation sheltered other plants, like restaurant, hotel, shop in Hrusovany and Community center.

The Crematorium was built on the “green field” in the Vysočany at the beginning of the 90’s. The cost of this building was 80 million crowns. Township Hrusovany got price in the international contest FORARCH 1995 – Building of the Year and Esteem for Architectural remarkable work. The buildings are admired not only by Czech public, but also by foreign visitors. Vysocany got hallmark of the very well done architectural work.

One the crematorium was built, Township had pay attention to nearby devastated buildings – st. Wenceslas church, rest of the parsonage and rest of the outhouse. These buildings were in state records like Church relic. From these rests, it was built complex of the St. Wenceslas Hotel with restaurant and of the rebuilt church.



Parsonage and Church was open to the public in October 1997, St. Wenceslas church, the dearest relic, was opened in 2000. After 40 years there was Ceremony of mass again. This Ceremony celebrated J.E. Mons, ThDr. Josef Koukl - bishop from Litomerice, who is honorary citizen of the township Hrusovany. He has good relationship with Hrusovany citizens and he helped to assign Church objects to Township Hrusovany by deed of gift.

Township Hrusovany nearby Chomutov is investor and the owner of the Vysocany facility. Thanks to Hrusovany it was reconstructed historical objects with original late baroque architecture from Italian architect Oktavian Broggio.



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